How is Poly Lumber Made?

What Is Poly Lumber Made Of?

The Poly Lumber we use in making all of our quality hand-crafted furniture is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is the raw material base used in the manufacturing of all our raw lumber. HDPE makes up on average 96% of the product. The remaining 4% is colorant with Ultra-Violet inhibitors as well as blowing agents. There are absolutely no other products added into this lumber such as wood pulp, wood fiber or fiberglass.

The Feed stock of HDPE that our lumber source incorporates into their product is currently derived from Wide-Spec material which is the off-spec / scrap material from refineries. All material that is used in their product would be landfill bound if not for companies like ourselves that can use this waste to make a useful, high quality, hand-crafted product. Our Tables & Chairs indeed “Think Green”.

A continuous extrusion process is used to produce all our plastic lumber. The plastic pellets, colorant and foam are combined before being fed into the extruder. Once this mix has been melted it flows thru dies that form the plastic into the desired size. These boards then travel through a series of cooling chambers and tanks before entering a saw that cuts it to length. The boards are then packaged on pallets for shipping.